Inoculate You for Anxiety about Meeting Women



I wonder if you can imagine it. Can you see yourself acting relaxed with beautiful women, just in your mind imagine it. Who do you imagine being there with you? Imagine yourself being somewhat of a flirt.

Some people are normally shy, it is quite normal but it is sometimes a mental limitation and if they are shy in one area doesn't mean that they are shy in other areas. When buying the newpaper from a woman in the newstand there is no problem. There is a purpose of your action and you don't think about it, you just do it. She knows it and you now it.

But then the shyness, if one goes out on saturday, there is a problem to say "hello" even though one knows that the purpose of both involved is to say hello to each other.And one knows consciously that it is stupid and silly but the reaction is still there. And you are there and she is there and that is that. And the more you think about it the more you wont do it.

Wouldn't it be nice if it was just an action like buying a newspaper? You have seen other guys doing it so it is ohysically possible for you to to do it. And on a scale from one to ten. What number does she have to be on for you to get shy. Have you ever thought of that. and if you push the number upwards before you get shy, what would happen. Maybe you still could be shy but those women that you get shy about are not anyone you have around you. Thats a good idea isn't it.

Ok, We haven't changed anything. just pushed the shyness level higher,. and if you get shy for a level six today, imagine that level being seven next week, and eigth the week after that, and suddenly you find yourself being shy only at those ladies of level eleven or higher.


How does this induction work : I take a different approach than other hypnotists. This induction replaces your anxiety with happiness fun and laughter about meeting women.

There is no need to overcome your anxiety,
it is replaced with a subconscious choice
that selects either anxiety or
fun, happiness, laughter, clarity, boldness,
mischievousness about meeting women.

I don't change so much I just give you another option.





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