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"Daring Experiences!"

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By the way my mother-of-tongue is swedish and as I am born and raised
close to the norwegian border my natural swedish dialect is a "singing" dialect.

Some people have detected this in my english and asked me about it.

I got a very cute remark that I treasure highly, somewhere in a forum, it goes
"couldn't go through with it since he had me in constant hysteric laughter because of his crazy grammar and bad English".

Well, that is the intention,

1. FUN getting the unconscious learning process going (when small children learn they laugh)

2. crazy grammar and bad English to confuse the logical conscious brain that is said to only be able to hold 7 things in mind at the same time. I am only interested in the result and giving you the resulting centimeters and presumably you are also.

So be warned! you may have a really good time, and that is bad isn't it.

Still, you know, WHY do people listen to them? Please think of other stuff or whatever, these are targeted to your unconscious not your conscious mind. Just relax, let your imagination work and wander off in a train of thoughts.

There are many stories, short and long with stuff like embedded commands, metaphors, and lots and lots of other stuff, the stories are only there for your unconscious mind making you associate and sometimes dissasociate in your own fantasy.

It is very probable because the nature of the stories are very ambigous, and sentences that run into each other. Some sentences are not completed before the other sentence start. Your brain will probably present to you different fantasies from time to time when you listen to them. I don't have an inkling what you will be thinking about.

Another question I got, is how this works, and if anyone truly can explain the hypnotical process in the brain please contact the NOBEL prize committee because you have meet a person getting the NOBEL prize.

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Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 1.mp3
One hour, 17 minutes
Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 2.mp3
One hour, 4 minutes
Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 3.mp3
36 minutes
Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 4.mp3
One hour, 4 minutes
Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 5.mp3
29 minutes
Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 6.mp3
24 minutes
Hypnosis : Breast Enlargement For You Session 7.mp3
25 minutes


I have made this induction free for download for you. No cost is involved.

However what I would like to ask you to do is:

if you have a website please put a link on your website
to this website http://www.blaketalks.com


If you are blogging sometimes please mention this website on a blogg when appropriate with the whole link like http://www.blaketalks.com or just www.blaketalks.com.

Then more people can find my website and download this absolutely free.