B R E A S T     E N L A R G E M E N T


"Delightfully Outrageous!"

  A special notice



The sessions contains sexual associations as this process mixes intense body feeling pleasure to increase their effectiveness even though there are no bad words in the inductions. I don't use crude methods.

But I can't help what you will think about or what remembered or imagined feelings that you will have stronger and stronger and even stronger.

Even if you only imagine things the brain will create body sensations automatically and some verbal methods make them soo strong, soo very strong, you wouldn't belive.

How does that work?
well let me tell you about a strawberry that I remember eating once a strawberry with whipped cream and it was so juicy as the strawberry had grown in the sun and it had been freshly picked just moments ago and the sun was still shining. All red and warm,
- oh it was soo nice, you wouldn't believe it.

Have you ever tasted a strawberry like that,
Maybe you can remember the taste or feel or the look of it. maybe you can, if you take a deep breath, or only breath in, make that rememberance of the strawberry even stronger.

And of you can do that with only a strawberry think of what you can remember or imagine with other stuff listening to an induction guiding you ..

The inductions recall your previous best sexual experiences,
and you know what they are don't you, and fantasies and mixes them together with new fantasies to enhance them.....

They may give you an orgasm or more.

Or they might teach you methods to have multiple... it is all in your brain, you know, if you allow it.
It is up to you,
I don't know what you will be thinking of in your brain.

The problem is just that I don't know just how much pleasure you can stand?
Or previously thought that you had experienced?

And for Your Absolute sexual Pleasure and as a WARNING to you the inductions contain Totally Explicit Techniques that might arouse extremely phenomenal body sensations by your own imagination.

There is no explicit language but the mental processes that I am leading you through might very likely give you very very vivid remembrances (sights, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes) or create some really fantastic ecstatic fantasies.

Its like as if you were on a vacation on a romantic exotic fantasy island with many extremely beautiful people surrounding you and you were absolutely sure that no one at home would ever never know what you would do.
What do you think you would do in such a place?

Why do I make strong body sensations in you and feelings like that?
because it very likely creates inspiration to do things. Inspiration is unconscious and much stronger than motivation.

People come to me and say "I need motivation" but some forget that inspiration is much better.

What you will then get is unconscious power to do stuff.

Power created from extreme pleasurable feelings.
Pushing you pleasurably, effortlessly, luring you to do the things you want to do.
Pulling you pleasurably, seductively, away from things you don't want to do.

How you do this is to listen to the inductions