B R E A S T     E N L A R G E M E N T



Process steps




The process steps

It is easy, it should work if you follow the process
and you will not have done it in vain.
The sessions contains a lot of material that
tells you many useful things about yourself
that you probably cannot learn in any other way.

1 Download the MP3 files.
2 Prioritize time for yourself and listen preferably in bed an hour before your regular sleeping time so that you can go asleep after listening to them and let your brain continue to process the induction.
3 start
4 day one session one
5 day two session two
6 day three session three
7 day four session four
8 day five session five
9 day six session six
10 day seven session seven
11 day eigth Start repeating by relistening to session four again
12 day nine session five
13 day ten session six
14 day eleven session seven
15 day twelve session four
  ... and so on
for three months
Occasionally listen to session one or two or three. Number three and four will increase the sexual emotions and maybe give you longer and more poweful and more intense pleasure in real life......also