The subject that I am going to learn you better now affects your life in a good way

It touches your health and welfare, it does do that you know

Deep relaxation is extremely satisfying being in

and during

and after

I easily go into deep relaxation

and I will learn you


so that you

may have a longer life

with less stress.


The induction goes back in time to restore your way, when you were a small child, to quickly be relaxing.
It will also go by Dream-Vacation to a special place where you can be relaxing.





This induction uses a way to put you faster into trance by adding two low frequencies that puts you into a theta mode. It works better if you use stereo headphones. (Theta wave - the normal brainwave of a person who is awake but relaxed)




induction file size listening time
Deep Relaxation mp3 23 MB 32 min

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