Medical hypnosis : Major medical journals are beginning to recognize hypnosis as a legitimate clinical tool, citing proof positive that it can help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, counteract anxiety and sleep disorders, and more.  The following medical hypnosis inductions are not intended for any kind of replacement of proper medical treatments. The following medical hypnosis inductions can act as a tool for your mental wellbeing and induce positive mental perspectives, views, emotions, feelings. There is no body and mind split, it is a well known fact that the brain is a part of the same body.

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H Y P N O - C E U T I C A L S

    1. For reducing anxiety before (pre-) surgery


    3. Accelerated healing (maybe faster recovery) after (post-) surgery.


    5. Enhancing the performance of medicine by using the placebo effect.



Research during a long time shows that psychologically prepared patients for surgery have better outcomes. Hypnosis, with or without anesthesia, can reduce anxiety and pain and accelerate healing. Hypnotically prepared patients have shorter hospital stays, less post-operative pain and nausea, use fewer pain medications, suffer less anxiety and blood loss relative patients receiving routine care.

The inductions are combining your imagination creating a safe effective way to reduce stress and relieve pain. You will get into your own inner and getting the best frame of mind for surgery. You will have less pre-operative anxiety, less post-operative discomfort and accelarated healing. Three inductions cover pre-surgery reducing stress and anxiety, post surgery to further promote healing and recovery. And the Super placebo pill.

You may choose to believe me and going for a great time or not to believe me and let your unconscious learn anyway by listening. Sometimes it is better to just do it, listen and relax.


Here is from a PHD thesis

Pre-surgical hypnosis and suggestions in anesthesia

Fredagen den 8 november 1996, kl. 09.00.
Föreläsningssalen vid CMB, Karolinska institutet, Doktorsringen 4C.
ISBN: 91-628-2199-7    


Enqvist B (1996). Pre-surgical hypnosis and suggestions in anesthesia. Thesis, Karolinska Institutet.

In a medical setting patients are often dependent, vulnerable and easily influenced by information, which may be interpreted in a way that creates anxiety and expectations of pain and complications. Information is often forgotten. Time can be experienced as very short or long, and there may be a feeling of unreality.
Regression, time distortion, dissociation, suggestibility and amnesia are other expressions for these pheno- mena which can also be recognized as characteristics of hypnosis. Thus hypnosis and altered states of consciousness may be part of the daily clinical routines.

This increased suggestibility is seldom systematically utilized for a beneficial influence. In the present thesis presurgical hypnosis and suggestions in anesthesia by means of audio tape were used with the following aims:
- To give the patients better control of anxiety, pain and rehabilitation.
- To influence the patients in a beneficial way regarding bleeding, oedema and rehabilitation.
- To use therapeutic suggestions during anesthesia alone or in combination with preoperative hypnosis to improve peri- and post-operative behavior.

The audio tapes started with a hypnotic induction-relaxation. The suggestions given were adapted to resolve problems associated with the various surgical procedures. The audio tapes lasted for 20 minutes and daily listening was recommended during the week before surgery. Therapeutic suggestions during anesthesia by means of audio tape were also used to improve peri- and postoperative behavior. Hypnosis by means of listening to a "hypnosis tape" preoperatively alone or in combination with suggestions during anesthesia produced the following (significant) results compared to the control groups.


Studyl/ Hypnosis before maxillo-facial surgery performed in general anesthesia reduced peri-operative blood loss. The addition of suggestions during anesthesia did not increase the effects. Suggestions during anesthesia only lowered blood pressure and reduced the duration of hospital stay.


Study 2/ The combination of preoperative hypnosis and suggestions during anesthesia reduced postsurgical oedema and fever. Less anxiolytic medication was needed.


Study 3/ Hypnosis before surgical removal of wisdom teeth produced more calmness in the hypnosis group and reduced the postoperative analgesic requirements.


Study 4/
Hypnosis before breast reduction surgery reduced postoperative nausea, vomiting and consumption of analgesics.


Study 5/ The same suggestions as in the previous study given during anesthesia only, did not
influence postoperative nausea and vomiting in breast surgery.


Relaxation-hypnosis and instructions in stress reduction can influence factors like perioperative bleeding and postoperative swelling, nausea and vomiting. Pain medication can be reduced. The effects of suggestions given during anesthesia seem to be marginal. If the effects are due to increased calmness, improved expectations, posthypnotic suggestions, increased levels of plasma cortisol, or a combination of the above mentioned factors is not known.


Several of the effects shown in study 1-4 have been possible
to achieve with eg procedural information, increased care, behavior modification and/or cognitive therapy. Hypnotherapy has much in common with other sorts of therapy, and indications for the different preparatory methods are desirable, as well as a simple diagnostic tool to select the right patient to the right method.

Key-words: Hypnosis; anesthesia; preoperative; relaxation; stress reduction; maxillofacial surgery; breast surgery; wisdom teeth; blood loss; nausea; vomiting; pain; analgesics.

ISBN 91-628-2199-7






Before(Pre) surgery hypnosis :

How the induction works : It is reducing your anxiety by letting you vividly imagine your own luckily ending movie of what will happen. We will start with the end and move to the start, filling the movie with good stuff. and when you have already mentally rehearsed the operation process many time there is not so much to be anxious about. We have investigated the spots that you were most anxious about and in that moment of time we have added special stuff of your own picking that makes you feel comforted, relaxed and happy instead of anxious.

It sounds easy and it is, when you know how to do that, because the anxiety is all in your mind, it is not in your foot, is it, or your toe, or in my mind, it is your anxiousness and you can of course change it. It is just an idea in your head of some anticipated imagined situation in the future, that might never occure, that makes you feel anxious now, at this moment. Some people are in a hurry aren't they, why wait, lets feel anxious and bad now for something that probably never happens.


There are many before (pre)-surgery options one is like "Pre operative hypnosis reduces post operative vomiting after surgery of the breasts." other tell "After one hypnosis session, patients were less anxious about their operation than they had been just half an hour before." This means "Less Anxiety Before, Less Pain Later"

Why do pre-surgery stuff matter? If you think that you will have pain, maybe you will need more painkillers, and longer stay after surgery.

"We all know that anxiety increases the chances of postoperative pain, postoperative analgesic consumption, and also hospital stay and recovery," researcher Haleh Saadat, MD, tells WebMD.

Medication or Hypnosis? I don't know in your country but I have seen that you recieve some relaxing medication a short time before (maybe one hour) for relaxation. Still I have not seen any medication about calming anxious patients facing surgery.

So this induction is for you!

Repeated use of this script will significantly affect rates of healing.





The after surgery hypnosis (accelerated healing):

Instead of focusing on the physical parts of the surgery, you start focusing on the parts of you that are feeling good, and increase the sense of that feeling, double the intensity of the feeling good feeling, and double it again. Self-healing is simple - and relaxation with feeling better and better really helps you to heal faster and better. When you feel better you heal better You can remember this feeling of wellness and let it be triggered and you can let your body handle the rest. So, the more you focus on more important things like self-healing and focusing on magnifying great feelings. The faster and better you will heal. Some people feel discomfort after surgery but in reality what they are feeling is the healing process in work, and this is perfect, feeling the mastery of the body's healing process.


If you feel discomfort, it is your wrong opinion of the healing process.

The better you feel the faster you will heal.


Keep it simple! Make it a habit!

Instead of being bogged down with negativity!
Turn this into a habit,
you will develop great health,

Hypnosis may shorten recovery time after surgery. Surprisingly, NO!.

Positive thinking and subconscious appreciation of your own healing process
will instantaneously, and powerfully
improve physical processes your body.

The induction in a nutshell: If you feel bad we may change that wont' we, a imaginary path of happiness and wellbeing are traveling through your places of surgery making the place feeling better and the cells laughing. and the better you feel the better you heal.

Repeated use of this script will significantly affect rates of healing.





The Placebo effect.

How does the induction work: In the induction you will recieve imaginary "Placebo pills" and also the imaginary "Super-Placebo" containing concentrated Placebo stuff, mainly consisting of very concentrated laughing matter, that for no reason at all makes you feel good and happy and maybe smiling. It works by adding new beliefs to your belief system (if necessary) that will make it easier for you, to really believe, in your faster healing, and letting you concetrate on faster healing, by that your regular medicine, is working faster and better, and even more better, than usual. Medicine works slower or faster for different people, and we give you the belief, that you are in the faster group. Who can tell? You can imagine everything, and master it. So master being in the faster group. And be well, wellbeing.

Repeated use of this script will significantly affect rates of healing.

The better you feel the faster you will heal.

From wikipedia : A placebo is a medicine or preparation which has no inherent pertinent pharmacologic activity but which is effective only by virtue of the factor of suggestion attendant upon its administration. The substance may be ingested, injected, inserted, inhaled or applied

how placebo effect works


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OBSERVE: The induction uses a way to put you faster into trance by adding two low frequencies that puts you into a theta mode. It works better if you use stereo headphones.
(Theta wave - the normal brainwave of a person who is awake but relaxed)



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