** FEAR **

is everywhere

Real fear is is good as you need it to avoid dangers.

Emotional fear for stuff that is not a real danger could be a nuisance and limitation in your life. The fears could be one of the following flying, elevators, spiders, public speaking, women, men.

Fears like these does not really serve your life do they.

How do you think it would be like
when you don't have this fear or these fears.

How better would your life be?

So, how does this induction remove your fear. It is a general fear remover.
I don't care what your fear is and
after a while you will not care so much about it either. Probably you will think,
why did I listen to this,
I did not have a fear so I just wasted my time.
You bet!

Well it is composed of three models of our brain-body system. FIrst based on the Neuro Linguistic programming fast phobia cure, then on the NLP derivative Neuro Semantics (NS) MovieMind, Games for FEAR, and then on to the Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR) and then mix them together.

Still, as with a car engine most people don't really care how it works internally as long as it does what it should do.

If you like the car metaphor I have made a indiction that is like a heavy goods vehicle taking a lot of stuff into your brain that reduces fear and changes it to fun and pleasure.

I could have done it like a fast sportscar but I don't see you and I can't see your responses and therefore I throw everything that works at you to give you the result you want. That is why it is one and a half hour. It takes time to get into a hypnosis state, for me that is..

So let your fear........fear this.... cause that previous fear will change.











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