Delicious weight loss

Get the power to lose weight
that is stronger.

Aren't you tasting the Inspiration already?


Motivation, no!

Will, No!

Get unconscious Power instead!



Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning















When you are to be losing weight or considering slimming down, or hypno dieting, the power of Hypnosis, NLP and NHR is one of the most effective strategies for gaining the size and shape you are going to have!
Slimming Induction that make you change your unconscious habits, leading to easy, natural weight loss. Think about your self-esteem, and already feeling better about yourself when improving your health too.

Commercial diets are not the answer to lasting weight control. This non-diet approach uses your mind and not your food to help you lose weight easily. Losing weight and keeping it off using the power of your subconscious mind.

The only truly successful way to slim and lose weight is to get your unconscious habits in line with your conscious desires. Thank god for your bad habits. Think of the power in them. You know your bad habits. Think of the power you will have when you are using the same power to slimming instead, you can you know.
You already have all the power in the bad habits.
Just change them into good habits with the same power.

1. You will have time to notice the changes and results as we go

2. you will find you naturally want to eat smaller portions or healthier options

without completely giving up things you enjoy.

3. You will begin to enjoy the process of losing weight without having to think too hard about it.

Change your beliefs and attitudes towards food and exercise forever.
Maybe you are tired of searching for the magic diet.
If you are looking for a real solution to long lasting weight control, this may just be the induction for you.

How you ever wondered about your answer if someone asked you:

- How are you going to become fit, healthy and strong?

Could you maybe give me three different solutions to that question.

This type of thinking puts your focus on what you want. In your future.

By learning to focus on what you want!
will put you on the side of a leverage, where it suddenly, is easier to get what you want.

Some people changes their eating habit and are struggling with themselves because they have not changed mentally.

They have not focused on what they want. In the future!

They are still focusing on what they don't want. Now!

- I don't want to be fat.

Ok, that is what you don't want! in the NOW!
And the more you are focusing,
on what you don't want,
the more you are going to get that
because what you focus on you get.

So, back again to the begining.

- How are you going to become fit, healthy and strong? In the future!

Could you, please, give me three different solutions for that question.

And maybe my induction for you,
Gain ideal Weight,
yet another solution.

Just do it, do what works. Small steps in the beginning. Buying good shoes for small steps forward.





















Get a good
Use it
when watching TV.












This is a completely natural method using

brain for a change





Motivation is NOT the most important factors which determines how successful you. Inspiration from within is the driving force that gives us the Power to accomplish tasks and succeed at reaching an ultimate goal.

If you dont believe me try to stop breathing for some moments and I can guarantee that the power from within is not motivation nor will. That power to breath is as strong as the sexual drive. That is the power I am looking for within you to get you to reach your weigth. When you have that power, you just do it. That power are providing you with the determination to get up and exercise even if we don't feel up to it, just do it. Unconsciously this is driving you to stick to the low fat selections and recipes and eat healthily.


You know that you have taken some time to reach your current weigth, mabye years. When media says you will loose x kilos in three weeks it is usually possible. Stop eating and you loose weigth. In the media there migth be pictures of beatiful models of around 18 years old or pictures that have been computer modified. The question is, do the models need to loose weight.

Still, the more you focus on solutions the more solutions you will find. Some people focus on problems and surely enough they find more and more problems. Focus on positive things and you will find that but many of us habitually are focusing on negative stuff, and then what do you think you will find? Yes, more negative stuff.

You focus on solutions that will work for you. Pick the methods and ideas that work. You can try many ways and skip the ways that are leading of in the wrong direction. This is a journey for the rest of your life and if you feel to detour it once in a while it is ok. Your pay-off is still ahead and slowly each day you are reaching your goals. Suddenly, after a while you will notice that you get more inspired the more closer to your goals you are. That is the nice thing of having a goal to move forward to. The closer you get the better you are feeling. You will find nice ways for exercising small new changes every day. Taking a longer stroll to work. Dancing maybe. Getting some new friends that walk more, Walking the stars instead of an escalator. Buying a crosstrainer and be on it as you watch TV. Magically, you will find your body change, muscles slowly appering. Maybe your weigth doesn't change so much first when you are changing fat into muscles.

When you set goals, the unconscious knows where to go and is very creative to find ways, unusual ways maybe, but nice ways. Write the goals down, and set a time limit that is realistic. Don't overdo it in the beginning. It takes time to physically grow muscles and the stuff that are needed to hold the muscles in place. Skip weighing yourself, just go with your instinct for weigthloss.

Make it fun -- Make it exiting - and it will be effortless --

Remember seing a baby starting to walk - you know what it does? - It laughs a lot, and if a baby is clever enough to have fun then you also can have fun, always.

Tell people around you that you are changing weight. Exercise will make you more healthy and fit.



So get



and set GOALS

and let your inspiration drive you there.

Why wait, your life is actually happening right, now.

Why wait, your life is actually happening right, now.

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So skip two pizzas with or without red wine.
Take the money and
buy a life changing experience.

This is easy for you,
I had the hard part.
This is not a workout or
anything physical,
you just listen,
and you don't even need to be conscious about it.

I know some people say it can't be worth it as it is so cheap but I sell over internet so it is the amount of customers that gets the price down not the quality.

Click here to Play a sample of the induction roughly one minute at about 40 minutes inside in the induction.



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