When your purpose is to improve.

Using relaxing inductions effortlessly.

Lets skip the marketing material.

You were looking for this and you were motivated enough to find this website.

I have made this website fun and easy for you to use and navigate. (It was fun for me)

You probably know nothing about me:
I have done downloadable mp3 files for you with inductions.

This year all inductions are free - No cost.

Using Your brain for a Change.

Ask not what your Brain can do for you,
ask what you can do for your Brain.

Hypnotic Inductions

The 13 Cards below have a link that you may follow.

Breast Enlargement

Warning Delightfully Outrageous

(Pre-) Before-Surgery

For reducing anxiety before (pre-) surgery.

(Post-) After-Surgery

The after surgery hypnosis (accelerated healing).

Accelerated healing

The Placebo effect.

Over Weight

Deliciously Inspiring.

Stop Smoking

Bad Habit change.


Mentally Exercising.

Deep Relaxation

Stress Less.

Lose your fear

Fear and Anxiety,
natural but silly about silly things.

Inoculate you for anxiety about meeting women

Solutions for one of the biggest problems for both sexes.

Permanent Self - Esteem


Some are very confident that they are not.

Wonderful Sleep

This is luxury.

What l do for you:

You will listen to enjoyable, interesting, inductions that are according to the latest knowledge in psychology cognitive behavioural fields Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR).

There is a great difference in perspective compared to traditional psychology. Traditional psychology is usually looking for what is wrong with you. The NLP and NHR approach is to search for what is right in you and make it better. To use what is working and make it better.

You will learn, and get fast, quick behavioural changes and as you know all small changes lead to a start for bigger changes.

You will not be lead into regurgitating what happened in your past or why. Example-everyones childhood has its ups and downs. You will have fun instead. Change is done in "the now".

You will get into a trance. All people good hypnotic subjects. The metaphor of depth in trance is just a metaphor. You don't need to hallucinate French poodles to create change.

What you can expect:

Creating more of the life you want.

More flexibility and creativity by mentally exercising your thought and emotional processes, independent of which induction you listen to.

You will learn new methods.

NLP and NHR focuses more on excellence, health, mastery, genius than on theraphy.

It focuses on what works well and makes it better.

How I do it:

The inductions will create imaginary "movies" in your mind that you will creatively change according to your own intention, purpose and goals.

It is like daydreaming.

The force in the inductions is inspiration. I create inspiration in my inductions.

People often say "I lack the motivation of doing this or that. I need more motivation."

But I don't work with motivation. That is a conscious effort. You either need to press yourself or reward yourself.

I create inspiration that is sub-conscious, in the unconscious, You don't consciously think about it you just do it and have fun doing it.

In my inductions you can expect:







body sensations



You will love to listen to them if:

You think over and over again:

What is good, that I can notice and learn.

Because when you are focusing on good stuff you will find it. If you focus on bad stuff you will find that instead but then you lose the good stuff.

So it is better to look for the good stuff. Like, what is good in you.

And most stuff in them are not for you to be conscious about.

It is like driving a car, you don't really need to know how the engine works, do you?
It's enough that it works.

And so it is with these inductions. They work, you don't need to know why.

Comment from a listener:

I got a very cute remark that I treasure highly, somewhere in a forum, it goes:

"couldn't go through with it since he had me in constant hysteric laughter because of his crazy grammar and bad English".

Well, that is the intention,

FUN, getting the unconscious learning process going (Think about it. When small children learn they laugh)

CRAZY grammar and bad English, to confuse the logical conscious brain, that is said to only be able to hold 7 things in mind, at the same time. I am only interested in the result and presumably you are also.

So be warned! you may have a really good time, and that is bad isn't it ?

And so it is with these inductions.
They work, you don't need to know why.


Kenneth Blake

Some merits:

Kenneth is a qualified NLP Trainer,
Master NLP Practitioner.
Trained to the highest standard by
Dr. Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP),
John La Valle (President of NLP Society),
Paul McKenna, and
Michael Breen,
and has therefore learnt from,
and modelled, the most respected people in the business.

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (Linkoping Univ.)

Masters degree in Management and Organisation (Stockholm Univ.)

Executive Master of Business Administration (Stockholm Univ.).

Contact Info

  • Email: ken @ blaketalks.com

The information provided by you will be treated confidentially and it will not be passed on or sold to any third parties.

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I used the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) models of the brain.

The NLP (neuro linguistic programming) model is a happy positive view of the brain, body, and people. All people are well and can live happier and have more fullfilled lives.

If you are more curious: (I think it is too much to read)

The NLP (neuro linguistic programming) model is in that way a nice positive view as it considers you a healthy human being with a beautiful mind and everything that you do is appropriate in its right context(environment) but somethings can be changed to make it better. Isn't the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) view good, do you think!

I have also been trained in neuro hypnotic repatterning (NHR). Neuro hypnotic repatterning is very interesting as it uses the kinesthetics tremendously. Neuro hypnotic repatterning is very effective and when you get the hang of it, pretty magic. I use neuro hypnotic repatterning in the hypnotic inductions. Neuro hypnotic repatterning is thought to loosen up neuro cortical pathways that is the "wiring" of automatic behaviors in your brain. Neuro hypnotic repatterning differs a lot from the methods in NLP and as it is more hypnotic. Neuro hypnotic repatterning is great fun.

All the stuff and mp3 hypnosis stuff on this website presupposes that you are well, If you are sick, go see a medical doctor, Some, a very few people have a medical problem that makes them have a few kilograms of extra weight and it is a medical thing. But most people does not have a medical thing, the weight is controlled by what happens in your brain and your unconscious learnings. Obesity surgery and Plastic Surgery of this can also be done.

And Females have the special hormone that makes them rounder and more beautiful than men but some women think that maybe they have to much beauty and wishes to gain their ideal weight, a special weight, that they consider nice and right for you and only for you, so it is not a loss or gain to get to the ideal weight, but a transformation, and hypnosis can help you there, by adding special tools in the unconscious. Tools that reconnects learnings that you have, and also, maybe, adds some learnings about what you eat. Diet is good for some as long as it is not starvation because starvation is a message to the unconscious to when the starvation ends to gain weight, again, and maybe more, to be on the safe side. Hypnosis or trance is a way of learning to do things differently.

And we do what works, and mp3 files with hypnosis are really easy to listen to. you don't have to think, just find a nice spot where it is safe to relax and listen.

I would like that you were in bed, maybe 2 hours before your normal bed time for this listening process.

And you will find that it is very easy for you to do, laying in bed is relaxing, and maybe later go into a wonderful sleep, relaxed relaxing, waking up creative creating, stop or quit smoking or stopped overweight or with the start of making your breasts bigger, what is normally called breast enlargement.

Trance or hypnotic inductions do a lot, we start when very small learning by our parents learning us by words to do things, to think in a certain way, and to have correct behaviors, like not farthing in public, or picking our nose in public, or say rude words. Mental limitations as they are only that, mental limitations that prohibit us to think and do certain stuff, I say that when he says breast enlargements by hypnosis or trance people go breast enlargements by hypnosis that can't be done and I go what is hypnosis and they go I don't know but I know it does not work and I go if you don't know what it is, how do you know it does not work, specifically, and they go but it can't be done and I go do you need to see it to belive it or do you need to believe it before seeing it and go you have probably seen or heard about hypnosis and dentists so why don't you believe in hypnosis and breast enlargements and they go i don't know and I go have you ever been wrong in your life and they go no never, just joking, they say, and I go maybe you are wrong about bust enlargements also and asks, have you read the research and they go no and I go but what about, if you did that, would you believe it, then, and they go, maybe, but it sounds to good to be true, it sounds to good to be true. Bust enlargement by hypnosis, if it were true why won't all women use it and I go I don't know, you tell me, why they don't' do that.

Some people do plastic surgery for breast enlargements or augmentation and that works and they maybe never think about hypnosis or trance that can make wonders. Breast enlargement or size is a big issue with most women and there is no right or wrong about that. Plastic surgery is quick and effective immediately. Hypnosis seems to work also even if the results are not as immediate as plastic surgery and it works by the connection of body and mind as they are well connected together. Hypnosis effects the part of the brain that interprets sounds before they even becomes words and what happens in that part of the brain is not yet discovered but hypnosis works and is used in the medical profession also. Hypnosis is used for such issues as relaxation, pain relief. It is completely natural and no pills or such stuff is needed. The only part that is used in this case for breast enlargement is your brain as you listen to a mp3 file with an hypnotic induction. Well it is called hypnotic for some reason, in reality it is like a chat you have, could be with any one, but the wording and intonation of the words, the structure (metaphor, story) it is given is special. But hypnosis talks is like another language in your own language. How hypnosis works is unknown, still if it gives you breast enlargements, who cares how it works. You can use a car without knowing how different parts of an engine works. So if hypnosis works for you and gives you breast enlargements by just listening to me kenneth blake talks in audio files in mp3 formats, it is magic to be in trance.

Hypnotherapy is to give a person a better way of thinking and NLP, neuro linguistic programming, starts with the premise that people are ok and working and functioning well and can do that better. Psycho analysis on the other hand works with the premise that people have a problem and works with that. A NLP premise is that you don't have problems but can do stuff in other ways better.

Like quit or stop smoking, smoking is maybe not a problem but a behavior that you can have stop or quit and choose wisely to quit. Stop or quit Smoking can be stopped by interrupting the behavior to stop or quit smoking. There is no need to fight with the smoking behavior, you quit by adding another behavior to the same situation that you previously smoked so that in the instant you previously felt like smoking you have also another behavior that is stronger and is your choice, so to quit or stop smoking is to add one or more behaviors so that you (unconsciously) choose from different behaviors in the same situation and in an instant chose one that does not have anything to do with smoking. it is just to stop or quit choose yourself between stop or quit or quit and stop. so it does not matter if you forget to stop if you remember to quit or forget to quit and remember to stop.

it sounds simple and the adding of more behaviors is done in hypnosis, or should i say, talks, or chatting. There is nothing to it really, but the words are said in a way that are confusing to the brain, so that by the brain selecting which of the confused messages that is most probable it has to figure out all the other interpretations of the messages also. And this goes quick because the brain works faster than you think, this confused language form is called hypnosis. However, it may not be confusing at all when you listen to it. The words could be put in a proper form in a story form, joke, poem, proverb, quote, and have different meanings. One meaning is presented to you and the brain figures out other meanings also. It has to, as it is automatic. Example of hypnosis, "they were milking cows", I can think of at least two interpretations that are correct. One is that somebody is actually squeezing out milk, and the other, is that the cows are of the type that is possible to milk.

So breast enlargements and hypnosis, and it is up to you, or stop quit smoking, or going to your ideal weight, from over weight called weight loss by dieting, starving, or hypnotical behavioral changing. or getting more creative by hypnosis, learning creative ways,


relaxation and sleep is also important but is often disturbed in the modern world by stress or other stuff, and by hypnosis we might learn again to relax and sleep well, it is strange but many people have problem sleeping or relaxing and eat pills to do that. One way with hypnosis is that you still take pills but special very strong relaxing and sleeping pills with the name of placebo. Nothing in them, but, relaxation, and sleep, it is, magical stuff.



The files are mp3 files, as most people can listen to mp3 files on a PC, or mp3 player. The trancework on them are very good, trancework is changes, that are done when you are in trance. trancework is mostly without conscious thinking and therefore easy. You don't think consiously in trancework.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss is not a loss at all as loss defines something you lose so unconsciously it is better to gain your ideal weight then doing Hypnosis for Weight Loss. Hypnosis for gaining your ideal weight is positive and the loss of anything is negative. So maybe we can join together and do Hypnosis for gaining your ideal weight. Maybe you should do a plan for Weight Loss or weight release i am not sure if release is a better word but a release doesn't maybe contain so much negative, what do you think? Plan for weight release. And there are many diet plans but i don't like diets as that is focusing on food, as the problem, and that might, be wrong, diet and dieting for food is focusing on the wrong thing. It is the behavior, or attitude towards food that really needs attention. Weight reduction or gaining your ideal weight, what do you think is right. And what is the problem. Food is not the problem. Food does not put itself in your mouth. So you need a new changed behavior and that can be done under hypnosis or a slight trance.