Creativity - learn new ways, new perspectives, change mental processes for using your total brain, both left and rigth hemisphere.

That's right creativity you know.

Take many new perspectives on what you see and don't see.

Do you have to see a thing to believe it?

Or Do you have to believe it first to be able to see it?

What is it that you are not noticing?

Do you know that?

Learn how to get into the creativity "flow" state faster by symbolic communication (The Gladiator).

I can tell you on beforehand that I will create a powerful mental symbol for creativity


A Pavlovian subconscious symbol for you to learn to go into the FLOW state much faster than what you usually do. (Anchoring as it is called in NLP)

You already know how to be in that state. So I learn you a faster way to reach it.

Some people tell you that it is good that you have more creativity, Ok, thats rigth, that is why! But they don't tell you how!

And you know you already have all the creativity in you that you need but your creativity can be boosted. Creativity is not only a logical mental activity. Creativity uses all of your brain. Creativity uses your visual sensory parts of your brain. Creativity uses your auditory sensory parts of your brain. Creativity uses your kinestetic sensory parts of your brain. Creativity uses more parts of your brain also.

I have to tell you that I will learn you lots and lots of methods that makes your brain more creative by using at least your five senses in different ways, Guiding you through different visual perspectives, learning you to connect and communicate to your feelings and use your already known unconscious learnings. All of the new learnings from the induction are mixed into your subconscious by stories, examples, indirect and direct commands and more ways.

This induction uses a way to put you faster into trance by adding two low frequencies that puts you into a theta mode. It works better if you use stereo headphones. (Theta wave - the normal brainwave of a person who is awake but relaxed)

Process Steps

It is easy. The session contains a lot of material that tells you many useful things about yourself that you probably cannot learn in any other way.

# Action
1 Download the MP3 file.
2 Prioritize time for yourself and listen preferably in bed an hour before your regular sleeping time so that you can go asleep after listening and let your brain continue to process the induction.
3 Start listening

File size:

Session Download size MegaByte Listening time
1 48 One hour, 8 minutes


"By the way my mother-of-tongue is swedish and as I am born and raised close to the norwegian border my natural swedish dialect is a "singing" dialect"

Some people have detected this in my english and asked me about it.
I got a very cute remark that I treasure highly, somewhere in a forum, it goes "couldn't go through with it since he had me in constant hysteric laughter because of his crazy grammar and bad English".

So be warned! you may have a really good time, and that is bad isn't it.
Still, you know, WHY do people listen to them? Please think of other stuff or whatever, these are targeted to your unconscious not your conscious mind. Just relax, let your imagination work and wander off in a train of thoughts.

There are many stories, short and long with stuff like embedded commands, metaphors, and lots and lots of other stuff, the stories are only there for your unconscious mind making you associate and sometimes disassociate in your own fantasy

It is very probable because the nature of the stories are very ambiguous, and sentences that run into each other. Some sentences are not completed before the other sentence start. Your brain will probably present to you different fantasies from time to time when you listen to them. I don't have an inkling what you will be thinking about.
Now download the file to your computer, or device before leaving this web-page.


Mentally Exercising.