Quit Smoking?
Stop Smoking?
It is your choice

And I have One amazingly
good advice that you will
find when you read further

Now the thing is and I really get tired of people and they go

-- I really want to quit smoking but I can't and I have tried everything

and I go

-- what have you tried and they go

--well, I went to hyp-no smoke and they made me do this, this, and that, you know and it worked for a while and aaah and then you know I started again and I always say to them

--well, that was stupid after you paid your money why don't you just stop it

but if you don't want to STOP IT and the thing is they said

that they remember that they liked it and as soon as they starting feeling good again their lungs didn't bother them they went out and bought a packet of cigarettes.

Amnesia is good for somethings. And also you feeling better than when you were smoking and having a better sex life.

You want that, don't you, as a non smoker. The choice is sometimes easy when you connect things, don't you think so?

quit smoking, now!

Just relax, listen, and stop smoking, pleasurably!

So here is the amazing advice:

You need, as with all addictions (like for example drugs like cocaine), to be in the withdrawal phase. When you are in that state you are in the problem state. Like if you just have smoked you feel good and then you don't have the addiction problem.

But when you are in the withdrawal phase then you have the problem and that is the time when I can fix it good.

So stop smoking now and start listening, repeatedly,

You will not have the problem at just that moment but when withdrawal, the physical dependence, sets in, that is good.

Because that state is what we want so that we can fix it.

You know, when you don't have the problem it doesn't bother you and you don't put so much effort in it. It is like breathing air, it doesn't matter so much as long as you have air to breathe.

Use this method that you now can listen to. It consists of two parts. One part stops your smoking and the other part is a shorter reinforcer that you can use when the world has tried hypnotizing you again into being a smoker. Cause the world will try, be sure of that.

People are different and some might stop smoking after just one session whilst others need relistening some times. Human beings are unique and it would be silly of me to say that it will work for all people after listening just once. However it is rather effective so you could be amongst the ones that only need one listening session.

ps. In my inductions I have of course done them so that you don't replace the "smoking habit" by any other "bad habit", like for example gaining weight.

So they are Stop smoking today without gaining weight.

YESS.. I will succeed in quiting smoking!!!!

Still, if you feel the need for a frightener --- I have been working in a plastic surgery clinic since 2001 and our plastic surgeon says that she can tell, if a person is a smoker, or have been a smoker, or have never smoked at all, by their inside..
Now, isn't that spooky, it is for me!

Process Steps

It is easy. The session contains a lot of material that tells you many useful things about yourself that you probably cannot learn in any other way.

Use this method that you now can listen to.
It consists of two parts:

One part stops your smoking and
the other part is a shorter reinforcer that you can use when the world has tried hypnotizing you again into being a smoker.
Cause the world will try, be sure of that.

# Action
1 Download the MP3 files.
2 Prioritize time for yourself and listen preferably in bed an hour before your regular sleeping time so that you can go asleep after listening and let your brain continue to process the induction.
3 Start listening - Smoke Stopper
When needed Start listening - Smoke Stopper Reinforcer

File size:

Session Download size MegaByte Listening time
Smoke Stopper 33 1 hour 22 minutes
Smoke Sopper Reinforcer 13 31 minutes


"By the way my mother-of-tongue is swedish and as I am born and raised close to the norwegian border my natural swedish dialect is a "singing" dialect"

Some people have detected this in my english and asked me about it.
I got a very cute remark that I treasure highly, somewhere in a forum, it goes "couldn't go through with it since he had me in constant hysteric laughter because of his crazy grammar and bad English".

So be warned! you may have a really good time, and that is bad isn't it.
Still, you know, WHY do people listen to them? Please think of other stuff or whatever, these are targeted to your unconscious not your conscious mind. Just relax, let your imagination work and wander off in a train of thoughts.

There are many stories, short and long with stuff like embedded commands, metaphors, and lots and lots of other stuff, the stories are only there for your unconscious mind making you associate and sometimes disassociate in your own fantasy

It is very probable because the nature of the stories are very ambigous, and sentences that run into each other. Some sentences are not completed before the other sentence start. Your brain will probably present to you different fantasies from time to time when you listen to them. I don't have an inkling what you will be thinking about.
Now download the files to your computer, or device before leaving this web-page.

If and when you need to reinforce the induction as the world tries to hypnotize you back again into old habits use the Reinforcer.
Life and we all change and one might need to redo again.
We do what works for us.
We take the best and use it.

Stop Smoking

Bad Habit change.


Stop Smoking

Bad Habit change.



Cut down coffee and liquor ... that will help you control the urges for nicotine.

In four days, all the nicotine will be gone from your body. (leave your system).

Every time you urinate, the nicotine and poisons will be leaving your system, drink water to move poisons out.

As the nicotines are leaving your systems, so is the calcium, so for the first four days chew calcium rich chewing gums.

As the nicotines leave the system, the sugar also drops, this causes the craving for nicotine. For each of the first four days, eat three oranges or pink grapefruits per day.

Because smoking is a nervous habit, the nicotine settles the nerves, you may feel stress. Take vitamin B-Complex for stress. Continue this for ten days.

On the fourth day, you'll feel great because the nicotine is gone from system.

On the tenth day, you'll feel real good because all your bloods cells will be oxygenated. All the residual smoke, nicotine and poisons will be cleansed from your body.